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Come join a diverse array of artists, activists, elected officials and community people will come together Saturday June 22 from 2-5 pm at the projects+gallery at 4733 McPherson Ave in the Central West End to participate in a free event to read excerpts and summaries of the Mueller Report and offer related commentary through song.

We are sharing information but also significantly, providing an opportunity for people to share their voices and to speak up. At the event, people will read approximately 5 minute excerpts to accommodate more participation.

Confirmed readers include Susan Barrett, Alderwoman Megan Ellyia Green, Rep Ian Mackey, Harper Barnes, Adelia Parker, Rosalind Early, Roseann Weiss, Edward Coffield, Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Stephen Houldsworth, Matthew Kerns, David Wraith, Ann Lemons Pollack, Lisette Dennis, Kathleen Sitzer, Don Crozier, Tom Ray, Scott Intagliata, Kathleen Dunne, Michele Mallette Sherman, Donna Postel, Carol Swartout Klein, Sara Taylor, Sabrina Tyuse, Kim Lee, Michelle Wilson, Marty K. Casey, Linda Jo Smith, Jill Maguire, Pam Schneider, Phyllis Langsdorf and more.

There will also be opportunities for people in the audience to read.

The event will also include voter registration in partnership with St. Louis Voter Registration Group, refreshments, a selfie station and the debut performance by the St Louis chapter of Sing Out, Louise, a New York social activist group founded in 2017 that writes parodies with political commentary of iconic songs ranging from ABBA and Queen to Rogers and Hammerstein and more.

For this event, Sing Out Louise will be conducted by Bill Odman with musical accompaniment by Susan Young. Singers include Ariel Tadlock, Jenny Yedvobnick, Debbie Char, Sharon Hunter, Pamela Reckamp, Jennifer Rooks, Marty K. Casey, Carmen Garcia, Rich Scharf, John Goddard, Ryan Marshall, Basmin Nadra, Maria Ashby and more.

Free stickers, Stag Beer, and water will be provided.

Our traditional news sources and cable outlets are also not always reliable or accurate, so we have decided to bring the findings of the report directly to the community in the belief that, as the Washington Post says, ‘Democracy dies in darkness.’

What we do know is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded at the end of an almost two-year investigation "If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state," Mueller wrote.

About the organizers:

That Uppity Theatre Company
is an internationally recognized company that was founded in 1989 to put the principles of cultural diversity into innovative theatrical practice and to promote civic engagement and related activities. For over 25 years, Uppity has boldly stepped into conversations about the pressing issues of our time including reproductive choice, gender equality, LGBTQIA rights, racial justice, disability, climate change, immigration, gun sense advocacy and more.

Projects+gallery is a commercial art space designed to feature contemporary exhibitions and artists that blur the boundaries of traditionally understood artistic disciplines and practices. In conjunction with Barrett Barrera Projects, a consulting company founded by Susan Barrett in 2014 and specializing in arts, culture and contemporary fashion, projects+gallery features regional, national and international artists working in a variety of mediums.

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