Dance the Vote

Dance the Vote initiative raises public awareness about the importance of using your voice at the polls. The St. Louis Voter Registration Group will be on hand to register new voters.

The “Dance The Vote” campaign seeks to raise public awareness by performing interpretive dance featuring local choreographers and dancers from Ashleyliane Dance Company, Karlovsky and Company Dance, Beyond Measure Dance Theater and the AfroKuumba Dancers, Innervision Dance Theatre, and others through a project spearheaded by theatre artist and social activist Joan Lipkin, Artistic Director of That Uppity Theatre Company. The choreography will be based on various themes of the voting experience, including the experience of African Americans and women around voting, voting rights, voter suppression, voting in other countries, among other themes.

“As this is arguably the most important election of our lifetime, and as artists that care about the future of our country, we have to come together to offer our talents, vision, and passion to actively participate in promoting voting and voter registration. We are calling our project ‘Dance The Vote,’” said Joan Lipkin, Artistic Director of That Uppity Theatre Company.

Voter registration deadline is October 12 for the General Election scheduled for November 8.

The first “Dance The Vote” performance was held July 2 and non-partisan voter registration opportunities were made available on location to interested voters.

“’Dance The Vote’ provides an opportunity to showcase the skills of St. Louis choreographers and dancers in service of community involvement. We are excited to create pieces tied to the history of voting to remind the community how important it is to exercise this fundamental right,” said Ashley Tate, Artistic Director of Ashleyliane Dance Company who is co-chairing Dance the Vote.