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BRIEFS: A Festival of Short LGBTQ Plays (2012-17)

Performances: 24
Plays Performed: 47
Venues: 3 (La Perla, Centene Center, & .ZACK)
Executive Producers: 2
Associate Producers: 4
Assistant Stage Managers: 7
Playwrights: 33
Directors: 24
Actors: 87
Patrons: ~4,500

BRIEFS is a unique venture in St. Louis that brings together numerous directors and theatrical artists to showcase the work of eight different playwrights all under one roof. BRIEFS presents theatrical work that address the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer or questioning people. The festival is targeted to a diverse and mature audience that appreciates good theatre in unique settings.

Each of the eight plays run about 10 minutes or less and include a variety of comedic and serious themes and genres, selected from over 250 submissions across the country and includes such themes as the care-taking of elderly family members by gay persons, the stress a lesbian couple experiences given varying responses to the Pulse massacre, the impact on family dynamics following a member's official adoption of a transgender identity, the closing of a bar that was a foundational safe haven for gay community members, and more.