Workplace Theatre is a division of That Uppity Theatre Company designed to help corporations and social service agencies address issues of significance to their employees through the exciting medium of live performance. We also offer optional additional diversity training to accompany all of our pieces. Organizations may commission us to create something specifically for the needs of their company or choose something from our existing roster.  All of our plays are approximately 30-45 minutes to accommodate the schedules of busy work environments. Current pieces in our repertoire available include "Working", about disability and employment and The Big, Fat LGBT Everything You Need to Know Show of Shows.

Some of the places we have presented our Workplace Theatre have included Monsanto, the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency, Brown Shoe, Maryville University, Ameren, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, SSM Healthcare, Missouri History Museum, Social Security Administration, Gateway to Diversity Conference and MOBLN Conference, among others.

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