To welcome the incoming freshman class, Yale University partnered with That Uppity Theatre Company to present a 40-minute devised piece called "Kaleidoscope" that shows the rich diversity of the Yale campus.

TUTC Artistic Director Joan Lipkin, associate producer Michael B. Perkins, and Yale undergraduates used the community-building powers of theatre to write and perform an ensemble presentation that welcomes the freshmen to the richness of the Yale population.

First, the students performing in "Kaleidoscope" were sent questionnaires about their experience at Yale, and based on those answers, Lipkin & Perkins crafted a rough draft of the "Kaleidoscope" script, to which much more was added once they arrived on campus. In addition to generating and editing text, rehearsals consisted of ensemble-building exercises like contact improv, movement work, silly theatre and dancing games, and of course, diction and vocal articulation drills.

Kaleidoscope 2012 Video Package:

Kaleidoscope 2011 Video Package:

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